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mamsys HR & Payroll

Mamsys HR & Payroll is a highly flexible package that can support the total HR and Payroll process of organizations of any size and especially suitable for Middle East specific requirements. The package is seamlessly integrated with Finance package and the user configurable payroll accounting entries are auto generated from this package and online integrated to Financial accounting. The package can be used as a stand alone package and the output can be exported to third party packages as well.


Functionality highlights

  • Very elaborate employee master data information with options for scanning photographs, signature, documents etc and automated document expiry warning systems.
  • Data encryption and password protected tables for payroll related information to provide maximum confidentiality and to prevent any manipulation possibilities.
  • Options to define any number and types of employee benefits and flexibility to define own formulae to derive values from other benefits.
  • Options for multiple pay groups with multiple payment currency and user definable multiple calendar types.
  • Options for processing hourly based payroll for employees on hourly rate based contracts.
  • Options for automated accrual of End of Service , Vacation salary, vacation tickets, dependant tickets etc with further flexibility to user define the slabs applicable.
  • Highly flexible leave management system with user definable leave types and options to carry forward, encash etc with leave approval process.
  • Options to define company specific working calendar and shift timings.
  • Options to enter employee time sheet directly in the system, import from validated excel templates, integrate directly from bio-metric system etc.
  • Options for defining multiple overtime types and the applicable surcharges.
  • Options for automatic calculation of OT hours from time sheets and OT approval process.
  • Flexible leave register reconciled with employee time sheets, and options for leave offsetting and penalty leaves etc.
  • Highly flexible employee loan management system integrated with Finance package and user definable loan repayment options linked with payroll process. 
  • Flexible annual vacation process with options for vacation salary encashment without availing vacation, tickets availing or encashment, option for EOS settlements, employee clearance of asset & documents etc
  • Functionality for employee business travel advance and travel advance settlement seamlessly integrated with finance package.
  • System validated employee termination process that ensures that all employee dues, assets, documents etc are settled/returned prior to final dues settlement.
  • Provisions to define any types of non routine sundry earnings or deductions applicable to employees linked with payroll process
  • Fully automated and validated payroll process with options for multiple payroll preparations for verification and approval prior to final processing.
  • Automated payslip generation according to user definable formats.
  • User definable multiple salary payment options and automated coin analysis sheet for cash payments. Automated salary transfer letters to banks according to different payment options selected.
  • Specific session for employee change management with password protection and data encryption.
  • Very elaborate employee history report with complete drill down facility to view the total employee related information for any year and period.

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