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Mamsys project management provides total solution for organizations engaged in any type of projects/construction activities to effectively manage their detailed cost estimation process, tender submissions, detailed project planning, BOQ, manpower, machines and subcontracting, project progress monitoring, site management, work certifications and progressive invoicing etc. The package is seamlessly integrated with Finance, procurement, HR & Payroll, equipment rental and maintenance service and serves as a very comprehensive and integrated solution for organizations.  User configurable accounting entries are auto generated from this package and online integrated to financial accounting.


Functionality highlights

  • The package is highly flexible to support any types of projects, be it civil construction, electro mechanical or make to order etc.
  • Functionality to define highly flexible and multilevel work break down (WBS) structure of any type of projects.
  • Very elaborate cost estimation features with user definable cost groupings and options to copy costing details from similar projects in repository.
  • Options for sub contracting selected activities.
  • Supports multiple project locations and site management.
  • Project Resources seamlessly integrated with item master, fixed assets and employee master tables.
  • Very flexible tender preparation and submission process with options for user definable profit mark up against selected cost groupings.
  • Functionality to translate/convert awarded tenders to Projects with options for copying all/selected activities/ BOQ/ operations/ machines etc to new project.
  • Functionality for detailed project planning that includes activities, Materials, manpower, machines and subcontracting.
  • Functionality for defining multiple project plans with options to modify quantities/costs etc and options to define selected project plan as execution project.
  • Material planning integrated with procurement process and options for project specific procurement and material costing.
  • Functionalities for transferring materials from project to projects, projects to warehouses etc.
  • Project employees seamlessly integrated with mamsys HR package and functionality to capture project wise employee time sheet for project costing and payroll processing.
  • Highly flexible options for capturing various types of overheads costs to project with user definable cost absorption basis.
  • Detailed subcontracting processes that includes subcontracting RFQ, subcontracting orders, subcontract activity monitoring and invoicing etc.
  • Functionality to compare actual costs against estimated costs of any selected project plans.
  • Functionalities for system validated project progress monitoring at selected intervals with graphical interfaces.
  • Functionality for system validated project work certifications and progressive invoicing.

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